Apex Legends Arenas – 10 Tips to up your game

With the Arenas added to Apex Legends, new strategies and ideas are popping up from the community. Here are 10 Apex Arenas tips to help improve your gameplay. This includes tactics that you can use in any match along with Legend and weapon picks that can change up the way you play.

#1 Shoot, move and communicate as one

Pinging where you want to go, can help your team in Apex's Arenas.

Teamplay is the heart of Apex Legends. Working together to find loot, fight enemies, and survive is a core aspect of any battle royale, and it’s the same here in the Arenas. While looting isn’t a priority here, fighting and surviving are. Some of these tips can be obvious, but they are essential as any mistakes made can cost you rounds and possibly entire matches.


Ping and call out everything

Apex Legends comes with one of the best ping systems in any modern shooter allowing you to ping just about anything on your screen, and your Legend’s voice will call it out. You can also ping what you plan to do and respond to a teammate’s ping with your own response.

This makes communication easy for any player, letting you and your team communicate with each other without even using mics.

Stick Together

You and your team should move and fight together. Getting picked off far away from your team can definitely lead to a round being thrown away. You want to be able to quickly help each other when a fight starts. Whether through covering fire or jumping in for a revive. If your team is going to make a push, try to follow. Splitting up for a flank may sound like a great idea, but running alone into an entire team without backup is not ideal, to say the least.

Focus fire for easy picks

Try to focus your fire as a team on one enemy whenever possible. If your team can crack one of their shields or even knock one down you have the chance to push thanks to health or numbers advantage. Even with a numbers advantage, try to make the next fights unfair for your opponents. It’s always better to go two versus one rather than one on one.

#2 Make a beeline for supplies and crafting materials

Going straight for the crafting materials is the first move of any Arenas round. With more materials, we can get better gear, making it an essential objective. Blue supply bins are also placed nearby, stocking a phoenix kit, two shield batteries, and a medkit. Some maps will have these resources placed along the middle, making each round a mad dash to grab them first.

Octane is made for these mad sprints. With just one stim, he can reach the canister and take it for his team. Pathfinder can also launch himself straight to the canisters with a good grapple swing. Still, this move requires you to be familiar with the grapple’s physics. Either way, these legends will help you beat the enemy team to those materials.

#3 Don’t ignore the supply drop

With upgraded weapons ready for the taking, the supply drop should be prioritized during any Arena round. Even if your team isn’t going for the drop, don’t ignore those weapons. If your team doesn’t take them, the enemy team will! Letting them have those guns is basically putting your team at a disadvantage, so don’t give them that opportunity.

Keep your eyes on the drop, and light up any opponent making a move for it. If they have a Bangalore popping smoke, throw any grenades you might have or use a damaging ability like Fuse’s knuckle cluster or Valkyrie’s cluster missiles. If you have a Digi-threat sight or a Bloodhound scan, you can fight them.

When going against a Gibraltar, try to control the drop before they do, as his dome shield can quickly secure the supply drop. The key is keeping them pinned down and putting pressure on them to stay turtled. If you can bait out his bubble shield before the drop, it can make the fight for the drop way easier.

The Crab mentality is a great way to think about the supply drop. If I can’t have it, neither can you! So make them think twice about going for those guns!

#4 A Lifeline for more supplies

Lifeline in Apex Legends

In Arenas, Apex Legends’ combat medic has better options stocked in her care package ultimate. A fully-kitted blue weapon and two shield batteries will be in her care package. All these items come at a price of just 400 crafting materials.

Using her ultimate is a gamble as the weapon in the drop is random. Time is another thing to consider. You would have to call in the drop and wait for it to touch down. During this time, the enemy team could have grabbed crafting materials, opened a supply bin, and get in a good position. So plan with your team to make the best out of the care package if you plan on getting it.

Speaking of supply bins, you will also notice that all of the bins around the map are blue extended supply bins. Meaning Lifeline can also open up the extra compartment for extra healing items. In any case, Lifeline will definitely help you stock up on any items you need.

#5 A golden backpack is a real life-saver

Reviving is a dilemma in Arenas. As one teammate has to go for the revive, another is fighting alone. A revived teammate needs time and space to heal and shield up before fighting again. Cutting down this time can give your team a fighting chance with another gun back in the fight.

This is where the gold backpack comes in, giving a revived teammate 50 shield points and 50 health points. Allowing them to quickly heal or have a fighting chance if pushed. With a price of 250 materials, it’s hard to pass up, especially on these legends:

  • Lifeline – A quick interaction will drop her drone to revive, letting her leave quickly to get back to the fight. Her drone revive is a perfect match with the gold backpack.
  • Gibraltar – His dome shield gives excellent cover for revives, especially if you are caught out in the open.
  • Mirage – When going for a revive, Mirage will cloak himself and the downed teammate during the animation. This is great when going for a sneaky revive after sending out a hologram.
  • Bangalore – Her smoke can help conceal a full revive animation. However, you will need to worry about Digi-Threat sights, Bloodhound scans, and possible explosives spam.
  • Caustic – Caustic’s gas traps are great at keeping teams from pushing and can conceal like Bangalore’s smoke. This can give him the space to go for a revive and for a teammate to heal.

#6 Your team comp can lead to some deadly combos!

A good team comp can help you win your Apex Legends Arenas matches.

Team comp and synergy are usually talked about in MOBAs and hero shooters. Apex Legends has those aspects as well. Different legends can be picked together to complement each other’s weaknesses or to go for a specific playstyle and strategy. Here are some examples of Legends that can synergize to give you ideas for possible team comps:

  • Gibraltar & Lifeline – Gibby’s dome shield providing cover can be combined with Lifeline’s healing and revive drone. This will give an enemy team a hard time pushing an injured or knocked teammate.
  • Bangalore & Bloodhound – Bangalore can smoke off an enemy team to cut off their vision. When combined with Bloodhound’s scan, you will have eyes on them, while they have none. Turning the fight in your favor.
  • Caustic & Wattson – Turtling is a situational strategy in Arenas but can be done effectively. Caustic’s gas and Wattson’s fences can make any aggressive team think twice about pushing. With Wattson’s ultimate zapping any explosives in range.
  • Horizon & Fuze / Valkyrie – Horizon’s blackhole ultimate is a great set-up tool to deal massive damage. When combined with Fuse’s abilities, Valkyrie’s cluster missiles and even some grenades tossed in. Expect any enemy trapped to have a rough time.
  • Octane & Revenant – If you and your teammates want to fly straight towards your opponents. This combo will let your team do just that. Place Revenant’s death totem in a safe spot, activate the totem for yourself and go onto Octane’s bounce pad to launch right into the fight. It’s a bold strategy that can pay off if done right.

Hopefully, these combos will give you ideas for team comps in your next matches. Leave any team comps you have in mind in the comments as well!

#7 If you want more boom, pick the right Legend

While the Arenas lets you buy just about any item in the battle royale’s loot pool. There are limits to how much of each item you can carry. You can only buy up to three grenades in total. This includes arc stars, frag grenades, and thermite grenades. You can’t spend all of your hard-earned materials on grenades alone!

If that’s not enough for you, Fuse and Valkyrie have you covered. Fuse’s knuckle clusters will deal damage and flush out enemies like a frag grenade. His ring of fire will burn and slow any enemies hit like thermite. Valkyrie’s cluster missiles will stun, disorient and slightly damage enemies like an arc star. These abilities can cost more than the regular grenades. But you can still use them with the grenades you have bought. That’s better than just having three grenades.

#8 Don’t ignore your starter guns

The Mozambique and P2020 are the starter weapons in Apex Legends Arenas.

The Mozambique and P2020 are your free starter weapons in this mode. Normally, starter weapons are ditched in favor of supply drops and secondary weapons, even though these little guys can pack a punch and save your life. Both guns have been tuned in the new season to be more effective on their own.

In Arenas, they can help you secure those final few shots to knock down a hurt enemy and maybe knock a full health one down. The best weapon of the two to upgrade is the Mozambique. Its damage output can compete with the other shotguns available. The P2020 is a good backup option in the early rounds, but it doesn’t do much afterward.

#9 Don’t sleep on some guns. They may even surprise you

Out of all the weapons available in the buy menu, most players go for the higher tier options that cost more. There are still weapons that can deal severe damage on a budget. Whether you are in the earlier rounds, short on materials, or looking to spice up your weapon choices. Here are some sleeper weapons to pick up.

  • L-Star – This energy LMG is usually left alone due to its muzzle flash, slow projectiles, and recoil, making it hard to control. Although this LMG can destroy blue shield enemies up close with its damage, rate of fire, and lack of a reload. Just don’t get too trigger-happy, so you can avoid the overheating animation.
  • Havoc – This AR is a great budget option, able to deal a solid amount of damage. Its limiting factor is its recoil and charge-up time before firing. Fully upgraded, it can put up a solid fight against high-tier weapons.
  • EVA-8 – This semi-auto shotgun can be bought for cheap from round one and upgraded to fight all the way till the late game.
  • G7-Scout – A solid medium-range budget pick. If your aim is on point, the G7 scout can compete at nearly any range and comes with a red dot sight on its base version.
  • RE-45 – This automatic pistol is a good budget backup to replace the P2020 in later rounds. It’s a bit pricier than a Mozambique but can deal solid damage with its quick rate of fire.

#10 A sniper can really ruin your opponents’ day!

Sniping in Apex Legends can it tough for enemy teams to fight.

Sniper rifles are available from round one in Arenas, and their base version comes with a 6X Scope. With the Sentinel and Longbow DMR costing just 400 crafting materials, they are a great medium to long-range pick. However, the Charge Rifle is getting some more use after the first round. With its 800 crafting material price, it seems steep at first glance. But the rifle’s hitscan tracking laser can deal massive damage without worrying about bullet travel time.

Snipers are a great choice to chip away at an opponent’s shields and healing supplies. When combined with a good position and defensive Legends, they can stop an aggressive team’s momentum, especially on maps with open sight-lines like Phase Runner and Party Crasher.

I hope these tips can help improve your Apex Legends Arenas matches. If you have any Apex Legends Arenas tips and tricks of your own to share, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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