Apex Legends Season 9, What’s coming in this season?

Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy is set to bring massive additions and changes to the battle royale title.

With the introduction of the game’s Arenas, a 3 vs 3 round based elimination mode. A new weapon called the Bocek bow. A new legend Valkyrie, plus changes to the Olympus map. This season has plenty to offer for new and veteran players.


Welcome to the Apex Arenas

Apex Legends Arenas Battles Season 9
Get ready to fight in some new and familiar places. – Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The Apex games has introduced Arenas. A new permanent mode, teased following the end of Season 8. The Arenas are a mix of the round based action and economic strategy normally found in tactical shooters like Counter Strike and Valorant. Now mixed with Apex Legends’ gunplay, characters and items.

The game mode explained

Arenas matches will start with players picking out their characters. Just like a regular battle royale match of Apex. Starting in a spawn room, they will be able to access a shop using crafting materials to purchase equipment. These range from items such as weapons, attachments, shields and healing items along with charges of each legend’s tactical and ultimate abilities.

Arena Buy Screen Apex legends Season 9

Crafting Materials will be given at the start of each round. Players can earn more materials through their performance.
In a big twist compared to other tactical shooters players will not keep their weapons between rounds. However they can keep their tactical and ultimate charges.
Once the buying phase ends, the spawn room barriers will go down and the round starts.

Supply Bin Materials Drop Arenas Apex Legends Season 9

In the middle of each round, the play area will begin to close. A supply drop containing weapons and ammo will drop at this time.
Players can check the ring and supply drop locations before each round begins.
The tier of the weapons and their attachments in the drops will increase with each round. Players will be able to pick up healing items in supply bins along with extra crafting materials to use for the coming rounds.

Each round will play out until a team is eliminated. Players will be able to revive a teammate if they are ‘downed’ during combat. If a player is ‘finished off’ they cannot be respawned and will come back at the start of the next round.

To win an arena match, a team needs to win three rounds and be ahead of their opponents by two rounds. If either team can’t do this by the ninth round. The game will go into a final sudden death round where the winners of that round will take the whole match.

The Maps

The Arenas mode will come with five maps total on launch. This includes two new custom maps named “Party Crasher” and “Phase Runner” along with the three maps made from hotspot locations in the battle royale mode.
The locations are “Artillery” from King’s Canyon, “Thermal Station” from World’s Edge and “Golden Gardens” from Olympus. Each of them are adapted for the new game mode.

Three maps will be in the matchmaking pool every two weeks. “Party Crasher” and “Phase Runner” are fixed, while the battle royale ones will change.
During matchmaking, maps will rotate every fifteen minutes from the three currently in rotation.
Respawn aims to add new maps to the Arenas mode in the future, explaining their view on making Arenas maps.

“The design goal for custom maps is to emulate the tactics and strategies used in BR within a symmetrical, competitive space.”

Respawn Entertainment

With the Arenas mode and maps, also comes a new legend ready to soar above the competition.

A new legend takes flight

Valkyrie Intro Apex Legends Season 9
The calm before the storm – Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Kairi “Valkyrie” Imahara is here to own the skies this season. Her abilities and passives will make room for individual and team play through intel, movement and fire support. Valkyrie is classed as a “Recon” type legend allowing her use of survey beacons placed around each map to locate the ring positions during a battle royale match.

Passive: VTOL Jets

Valkyrie Cluster Missile Mid Flight

Double-Jump to initiate VTOL Jetpack, allowing Valkyrie to fly. Fuel is limited but refills over time. Also, while skydiving, all enemies in range of her line of sight to are highlighted to Valkyrie and her teammates.

Respawn has made her passives with repositioning and scouting in mind. The highlighting mechanic will mark enemies in clear sight with a yellow triangle for teammates to see. This will happen whenever Valkyrie is skydiving whether from the first drop, jump towers, geysers and even during her ultimate ability. Her double jump jetpack will have a quickly dwindling fuel supply and noisy thrusters with a predictable flight path. Valkyrie players will be unable to use their weapons while using her thrusters although they will be able to use her tactical ability.

Tactical: Cluster Missile

Valkyrie Cluster Missile Apex Legends Season 9

Fire a swarm of mini-rockets that damage and disorient the enemy.

Valkyrie’s tactical is a barrage of twelve mini-missiles that will land in a 4 x 3 grid pattern. These missiles will deal some damage, mainly stunning and disorienting enemies like a mini version of Bangalore’s “Creeping Barrage” ultimate.
Stunned enemies will have electricity sparking off of them, allowing players to see affected enemies clearly.

Ultimate: Skyward Dive

Press once to prepare for launch. Teammates can interact with Valkyrie to join the launch. Press again to launch into the air and skydive.

Valkyrie’s ultimate will function similar to game’s jump towers and geysers. Allowing her and her attached teammates to go up in the air and skydive. Covering large distances at speed. This would be useful for players who are on the backfoot to catch up with a closing ring. Or to reposition for a tactical advantage.

Valkyrie’s kit gives players plenty of options throughout a match. Although for players who aren’t able to lock her in at the start of a match there is a new weapon ready to let loose with.

Bows and Hop-ups to mix things up

Bocek Bow

A weapon that has been teased and leaked, finally making it’s appearance in Season 9 of Apex Legends.

The Bocek Bow lookin’ sharp. – Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

“A powerful and deadly weapon, for those with the skill to wield it. Capable of inflicting tremendous damage at medium range, you’ll need to make each shot count.”

Respawn Entertainment

The Bocek Bow will come with it’s own ammo type, Arrows. Arrows will be sparse in ground loot although they can be picked up from death boxes of enemies.
The bow is now put in a new category of weapons called “Marksman Weapons”. Along with the G7 Scout, Triple take and 30-30 Repeater. The Bocek Bow will also have two hop-up slots, the first weapon in Apex Legends with this capability.


Two new hop-ups will be added into the loot pool. Both can used on the new Bow and existing weapons on the field.

Deadeyes Tempo Apex Legend Season 9

Deadeye’s Tempo will allow players to increase their fire rate on a weapons when firing. A blue HUD element will show on screen to indicate the timing of the shots. This hop up can be equipped Bocek Bow and the Sentinel.

Shatter Caps will allow weapons to fire rounds that split into a blast pattern on firing. Effectively turning them into shotgun-esque weapons. This hop up can be equipped on the Bocek Bow and 30-30 Repeater. Keep in mind, when using this hop-up on the Bocek Bow players will not be able to get retrieve their arrows.

A new Legend, weapon and attachments aren’t the only new arrivals to the Apex games.
A rogue ship called the “Icarus” has docked into Olympus from deep space, causing an infestation that Olympus’ automated systems are trying to contain.

Olympus has seen better days

It’s gonna take more than a weed whacker to clean this up. – Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The docking of the “Icarus” and it’s infection has changed Olympus. With the ship now docked between Bonsai Plaza, Solar Array and the Orbital Cannon. Replacing the area known as Cross Roads. Giant plant growth has spread around these areas.

With four large rooms, the ship will hold a large amount of loot making it perfect as a hot drop for players to fight over. The bridge of the ship will also contain high quality loot with an access keycard randomly spawning next to the ship’s dead crew. The player who posses the keycard will be able to access the bridge similar to World’s Edge’s vaults.

Certain jump towers around the map have been tweaked or removed throughout Olympus. This was done in order to reduce “Third partying” and force players to carefully plan their rotations as Olympus’s “Tridents” have also given players the abilities for fast rotations around the map.

If you are interested in the details, along with before and after slides of the changes Apex Legends’ Lead Level Designer David Osei, has a walkthrough of the changes you can check out.

Seasons change

With the new additions coming this season there are plenty of changes to existing content. From character and weapon balance, to how map rotations and challenge progression are handled.

We’ll go over some of the more general changes to the game confirmed so far. As the full patch notes will release closer to the launch of the new season.

  • The Arenas will also contribute towards a player’s Battle Pass progress. Some challenges can be completed while playing both Arenas and BR. While some are specific to one of the game modes.
    Players can re-roll these challenges to their preference. Allowing them to pick whether the challenge is set to the Battle Royale or Arenas mode with the first re-roll being free and following re-rolls costing Legend Tokens.
  • New “Ground Emotes” will be added to the game, with each legend receiving one for free. It has been mentioned that the animations will be done in a way to avoid the problem of “corner peeking”.
  • Kings Canyon will not be in the rotation of the new season with World’s Edge taking the first half of the ranked play split and the New Olympus taking the second half.
  • Low Profile has been removed completely. The perk made smaller legends such as Lifeline, Wattson and Wraith take 5% more damage. This change would allow for the smaller sized legends to be on equal footing going against other legends.
  • Below are a few of the confirmed balanced changes for the Legends:
    • Octane – Stim will deal 20 damage from 12, with it’s cooldown reduced to 1 second.
    • Lifeline – Removal of her revive shield. Her Care Package ultimate cooldown time is reduced by 60 seconds and will guarantee an upgrade.
    • Loba – Translocating bracelet has been made much more reliable. Players can now run full speed while throwing a bracelet. Although her Black Market ultimate cooldown is increased by 30 seconds.
    • Fuse – Knuckle Cluster charges increased to two with it’s cooldown reduced to 18 seconds from 25 seconds.

Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy is set to be one of the game’s biggest updates since it’s release over two years ago. With the all of the new content and changes coming this season, players can now prove their worth in the Arenas, chase an Apex Champion title on an Infested Olympus, or own the skies with bow in hand as Valkyrie.

The GIFs shown are just snippets of the full gameplay Trailer of Apex Legends Legacy – Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is available on current and Next Gen Xbox & Playsation Consoles, Nintendo Switch, and on PC via Origin and Steam. Apex Legend’s Arena will have a trailer dropping on the 26th of April 2020, with Legacy’s (Season 9) release date on the 4th of May 2021.

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