Top 5 tips for beginners to Genshin Impact’s PS5 version

Gameplay tips to make your life easier

Genshin Impact is Breath of the Wild mixed with otaku anime in an open-world MMORPG and is enjoyed by more than 35 million players around the world, having grossed 1 billion dollars within six months of its release. After a long wait, Genshin Impact is finally out for the PS5 owners to enjoy its massive and beautifully conceived world.

Are you a newbie trying the game for the first time on your Sony next-gen console? Check out these Genshin Impact top 5 gameplay tips that will make your life easier on your PS5!

You can download your PS5 version of the game on the PS Store by clicking here


5. Unlock all the Teleport Waypoints

Soon-to-be activated teleport waypoint

As a new adventurer, I strongly suggest you unlock all the Teleport Waypoints you get the chance to. Don’t rush into a battle, or into unlocking a beautiful chest whenever you get to a new area of the map. The teleport waypoints will make your life much easier because you will be able to come and go as you please without spending precious minutes walking in the wilderness, especially when going to distant regions. This tip is even better on the PS5 version. Due to the console’s superb SSD speed, you will be teleporting around in a matter of seconds.

Besides unlocking the possibility of (really) fast traveling, the Teleport Waypoints also grant you 50 Adventure EXP points (the main leveling method), and 5 Primogem (premium currency) when activated. It is a good option to level up and get this important currency as early as possible.

4. Save food, Heal at the Statues of The Seven

Besides revealing new areas and their points of interest on your map, the Statue of The Seven heals your characters. It is important to keep that in mind when traveling around and exploring dungeons. Instead of spending your precious food to heal, try to go to the nearest Statue of the Seven to heal and get your characters ready for your next fight. By doing that you will save food for the most challenging battles, and save time avoiding the necessity to go back to a city to get more snacks or cook a meal.

A beautiful and active Statue of the Seven

On top of serving as waypoints, they can also revive inactive characters in your party, and are a warm spot on subzero climate regions. They also have an offering system that you can use to temporally boost some attributes by donating resources to the God/Goddess represented by each statue.

3. Keep food handy

Food can heal and provide buffs

Make sure to always take some snacks before going out to the wilderness. This tip should be well known because the game tells you to do it, but a lot of new people don’t do it because they are simply distracted. Don’t take any chances, grab that snack of yours and have it in your pocket for any emergencies. Also, it is important to have a varied menu because each food provides specific attributes other than healing.

Don’t forget that Genshin Impact allows you to cook your own meal. So, you have to make sure that you pick up as many meal ingredients as possible along your adventure – plants, meats, fruits, etc. You can unlock new recipes as you increase your Adventure Rank or by talking to people that you meet around the map. Finally, you should aim to hit the maximum proficiency level for all your recipes, making sure their status boost is maximized.

2. Manual Waypoints

One of the most important features that new players forget to use is the waypoints system. By accessing your map L1 + R3 down, you can pin manual waypoints and choose an icon to identify them. There is a good range of icons that indicate danger, monster, treasure, food, etc. Genshin Impact’s world is vivid and vast, so using waypoints will surely help you to know where you should go next to gather specific resources or to grind for specific monsters and dungeons.

Set up manual waypoints to help you explore

After reaching Adventure Level 6, you can craft the item called Portable Waypoint by gathering the cooresponding materials. This device allows you to construct a 7-days temporary Teleport Waypoint, similar to the #5 tip discussed in this guide. This amazing item is extremely helpful throughout the whole game, but keep in mind that you can only have one active at a time.

1. Genshin Impact Co-op play

The most important tip is the game’s most important feature. After all, we are talking about a MMORPG here! Starting at Adventure Rank 16, you can party up and play co-op. Almost everything done solo can also be accomplished in a party with friends. By adventuring together, you can face more difficult dungeons, stronger foes, and trade items and resources with other players. You can level up your Adventure Rank by completing all sorts of quests, discovering new regions on the map, and finishing dungeons spread around the world.

Now it is up to you!

With these Top 5 beginners’ tips for Genshin Impact in mind, download the game, and start your own adventure. Remember that the best way to approach Genshin Impact is by exploring its huge open world, so don’t waste your time and get to the action. See you around!

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