Solstice of Heroes 2021 And Everything You Need To Know

Be prepared for the Solstice of Heroes 2021 grindfest!

Welcome to the return of Destiny 2’s celebratory seasonal event, the Solstice of Heroes 2021! With the core Season of the Splicer story arc wound up (be sure to check our season breakdown!) it’s time to have a party (something tasteful) and spend the final month of the season in ultra-grind mode, in pursuit of fabulous glowing armour!

While remaining largely unchanged from previous Solstice of Heroes events, this guide will help get players new and returning acquainted with the basics of the Solstice of Heroes as well as optimise the grind to keep the burnout to a minimum.


Quick Refresher:

Solstice of Heroes 2021
Deadly but fabulous.

The Solstice of Heroes is a month-long event that will run until the conclusion of the season on August 3 2021. In this time players will seek to upgrade a unique armour set for each character through three tiers of objectives with an additional tier for a sleek glow.

The Solstice of Heroes 2021 is available for both free-to-play and premium players and simply requires that the Tower be unlocked as a destination after escaping from the Cosmodrome.

Unique to the Solstice of Heroes is the limited time, three-man match made activity, the European Aerial Zone (EAZ). A floating island of derelict civilisation, the EAZ will offer waves of important targets and unique bosses from each of the enemy factions that, depending on your kill count, will reward numerous chest to be sought hide-and-seek style.

For the duration of the Solstice of Heroes 2021, elemental kills will reward a corresponding Elemental Orb. Picking up 30 Elemental Orbs that matches a daily Element will empower the player, boosting Super duration and provide the player with additional gameplay bonuses.

  • Solar Empowerment will create a radiating Solar wave that damages all surrounding enemies.
  • Void Empowerment will allow the player to turn invisible by crouching, provide the “Truesight” buff (wall hacks) and improved ability regeneration.
  • Arc Empowerment boosts movement speed and increases both melee and sword damage.
  • Stasis Empowerment will be making a debut this year and we look forward to seeing the benefits players will reap!

Elemental Orbs are dictated by your subclass element, energy weapon and heavy weapon so be sure to equip the right weapons and subclass for your objective.

This Solstice of Heroes will be slightly different this year,. Offering a daily rotation of four specific elemental burns – Solar, Arc, Void and Stasis – with a new Prism element day as well. On Prism days collecting 30 orbs that match your subclass will reward the Empowerment effect, essentially giving a second day out of five to work on your desired objective.

The Armour Grind:

Solstice of Heroes 2021
Glows will change to match your subclass.

The core grind for the Solstice of Heroes 2021 is to fully unlock each of the pictured armour sets above. From left to right: the Sunstead set for Titans, the Illuminous set for Hunters and the Celestine set for Warlocks (all with a Stasis glow).  

To get started on the Solstice of Heroes armour, players will first need to visit Eva Levante (space Grandma) in the Tower to be given their first armour piece. After clearing their first instance of the EAZ players will be directed to return to the Tower to meditate at the Solstice Statue (it’s by the main spawn location so you can’t miss it) to be given the rest of the armour set to begin the grind in earnest.

The tiers are Renewed, Majestic and Magnificent. Each armour piece (Helmet, Gauntlets, Chest, Legs & Class Item) will have three set objectives that need to be completed before being able to be upgraded to the next tier. In order to complete the objective you MUST be wearing the Solstice armour. If the armour piece does not benefit from your activity you CAN switch it to a better piece or Exotic that may help you complete objectives. Once all objectives for all armour pieces have been completed you will be able to unlock the next tier to pursue by equipping all pieces and meditating at the Solstice Statue again.

You do not need to keep all armour pieces on at all times, just the ones you are currently working on.

The objectives have been fairly standard in previous Solstice of Heroes events by relying on core playlist completions, overworld activities and Elemental Orb collection. Be prepared to farm patrols, strikes and lost sectors!

The Solstice of Heroes is a massive labour of love for just single character players, for those poor triple character sadists, the Solstice of Heroes 2021 provides a clear guide to how you should spend your time. An unannounced quality of life change that was poorly implemented in the 2020 Solstice of Heroes (bugged out on poor Titans) has been formally implemented and sourced out from Eva Levante.

New Accelerator buffs will be critical for any players that will be chasing all three armour sets for each class. In brief, the buffs will unlock after you reach a new armour tier on a single character. From that point, progress towards reaching that same tier on an alternate character will be DOUBLED and TRIPLED for your third character once the second reaches the higher tier.

To save time be sure to commit to a single tier on one character before moving to the next to vastly increase progress speed.

If you are a multi-character player, once you have reached Magnificent tier on any character be sure to NOT rush ahead and complete the single (but laborious) objective per armour piece to unlock the ultimate glow. Previous Solstice of Heroes events have shown these final objectives to be linked across your entire account. Usually along the lines of Trials of Osiris wins, Nightfall completions and Raid clears, if you complete these objectives on one character, while the appropriate armour pieces are on equipped on your alternates, the objectives will be completed for all.

This is not retroactive so rather than repeating end-game activities for each character, get all characters to Magnificent tier, equip the armour piece and complete once on your main.

Completing all objectives across all armour tiers for all three classes will reward the player with the Filigree of Light Ghost Shell.

The EAZ:

Solstice of Heroes 2021
How do we get down from here?!

The EAZ is not only a unique playlist option to help spice up the season but also a core objective for Solstice armour upgrades and the main method for armour and weapon farming. Depending on how many bosses are defeated before the end of the time period, a number of chests will spawn for your matchmade group of three to seek out (with only a limited time to do so before being locked out of their contents).

Redditor u/Red_Head_Hippo has shared their map used for the 2020 solstice to help players map the locations they should check to find their hard-earned rewards.

Solstice of Heroes 2021
No promises this will match this Solstice of Heroes but it’s too good a resource to pass up!

These chests will offer Solstice Packages and Key fragments that open said Solstice Packages. These packages offer a range of loot including blue quality gear, enhancement cores, Solstice armour rolls and the seasonal weapon, Compass Rose (more on that in the rewards section below). Additional Accelerator buffs that will enhance the likelihood of armour being sourced from Solstice Packages will also be available form Eva Levante at the Tower.


Beyond three sleek armour sets and the Filigree of Light Ghost Shell for completing all objectives, the Solstice of Heroes 2021 also boasts a range of rewards and cosmetics, both in game and physical for players to pursue.

The Compass Rose shotgun will be unique to the Solstice of Heroes 2021. Offering random rolls to a precision frame, Solar archetype. Available to be farmed from Solstice Packages.

Solstice of Heroes 2021
Welcome to the arsenal!

Eva Levante will offer Weekly, Daily and repeatable bounties that will reward XP, Bright Dust, Key Fragments and Glimmer. Of note will be the Weekly Bounties that offer 200 Bright Dust each, per character if the trend of previous seasonal events is followed.

Unique cosmetic glows to match the Solstice armour will be available for purchase via Eververse once a player has reached Majestic tier on the Solstice armour. This will cost either 6000 Bright Dust or 1500 Silver per character. The glows will match the colour of the equipped subclass of the character (Solar being orange, Void purple etc.).

As a special consolation, for players who earnt glows in the 2018 and 2019 Solstice of Heroes, a complete Universal Ornament set of each will be given to the appropriate characters. A pity Bungie couldn’t get these ornaments released with Armour Synthesis for the Season of the Splicer launch but better late than never! There are no current plans to make these previous glows available to other players.

Three other Ghost shells, two Sparrows, two Ships, a Shader and a Transmat effect will also be available from Eververse for both Bright Dust and Silver over the course of the month long event.

Finally, there is the annual T-shirt to purchase in the real world once claiming an early Triumph for the event. Once completed be sure to check Bungie Rewards to claim your unique code that in turn allows you to purchase a fancy T-shirt to boast your Destiny 2 addiction.

Known Issues:

Straight from Bungie’s Help page is a list of know issues that will currently impact the Solstice of Heroes.

  • Renewed Solstice armor displays the Season of the Splicer icon instead of the Solstice icon.
  • The Light and Dark Weekly Solstice bounty for Gambit will only gain progress from elemental final blows on Guardians.
  • The Prismatic Taken event UI may overlap other objective UI when players have multiple buffs active.
  • Prismatic Orbs do not contribute to total Elemental Orbs collected by players.
  • 2018 Solstice armor set glows may be less intense on certain portions of the armor.
  • Pieces of the Filigree of Light Shell disappear when rotating the Ghost Shell in the inventory preview.

Good Luck!

Solstice of Heroes 2021
It’s a celebration Guardians!

So there you have it, a comprehensive dive into the finicky features of the Solstice of Heroes 2021 seasonal event. A monster of a grind but made slightly easier with preparation and planning, be sure to stay hydrated and take breaks and may the grind be with you!

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